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Saving The Lives Of Those That Saved Ours


Operated by  Active Duty and National Guard Green Berets, Team 11 is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all former members of the National Mine Reduction Group (NMRG) and their families, while also providing Special Immigrant Visa assistance to NMRG members seeking refuge from the Taliban.


The NMRG volunteered to do the most dangerous job in Afghanistan to further the interests of a nation they've never known. And they did so purely on faith: Faith that we would be there for them when the times got hard.


As Americans, we aim to ensure that their faith in us is not misplaced. Our mission is to provide for the health, welfare, and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) assistance of the National Mine Reduction Group, their families, and other Afghan allies.



The Open Oceans Difference


Prior to working with Open Oceans, Save Team 11 was having trouble reaching the full potential of their Google Ad Grant. Reaching their target audience was difficult, especially while navigating Google policies that presented challenges to running keywords relating to the war in Afghanistan. The Open Oceans team performed a full account audit and found opportunities to expand keywords and targeting. Combined with new ad campaigns built by Open Oceans, this ultimately allowed for a 2000% increase in grant utilization. Save Team 11 is now utilizing over 90% of the spend available to them through the Google Ad Grants program.

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